Wendy – Sebastopol, CA

Few people remember the food they ate at a wedding, let alone the menu.  Four years later…
Last night I got a call from my mother-in-law who was about to throw a party for some guests.  She wanted to find out the recipe for a drink Emmanuelle made the day after my wedding. My wedding was four years ago, and to this day family members still rave about the dishes she made.  As for me, I remember the mushroom tart she prepared as an appetizer.  AWESOME!   The menu she created for my husband’s relatives and some of my friends were all dishes that got us talking, moving, using our fingers and getting to know one another.  Each one was a conversation piece.  Of all the food I ate around the time of the wedding, including ZAGAT-rated restaurants and my professional wedding event caterers,  Emmanuelle’s cuisine stands out, because you could tell it came from a home kitchen where the smallest details matter.  She is a chef who knows how food makes people happy.